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22nd of September 2022 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog

Only 1 out of every 100 Readers Comment on your Blog A Jakob Nielsen study once found that 90% of online community users are lurkers (read or observe without contributing) with only 9% of users contributing ‘a little’ and 1% actively contributing. Are only 1% of your blog’s users are ...more
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14th of July 2022 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

11 Tips to Create a Personal Connection with Your Audience

Have you ever experienced being very connected to a blogger? For me, there’s been several times over the years where it’s felt like a blogger is talking directly to me through their writing and/or podcasting. Some content creators just seem to have that sense of who is on the other ...more
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17th of March 2022 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

The 5 Stages of Building a Culture of Community on a Blog

Last week we looked at some of the benefits and costs of building community on a blog – today I’d like to move onto some of the ‘how to’ by examining the stages of building community that I went through on Digital Photography School. Build a CULTURE of Community – ...more
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10th of March 2022 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

9 Benefits [and 3 Costs] Of Building Community On Your Blog

Do you ever feel – as you blog – like you’re talking to an empty room? Day after day you publish posts only to have them greeted by…. If that is how you feel – then you’re not alone. In fact one of the most common questions that I hear ...more
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How to Avoid Becoming a Negative Blogger
14th of October 2021 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

How to Avoid Becoming a Negative Blogger

  Recently we’ve been looking at a variety of ways that bloggers let their blogs ‘slip’ over time. So far we’ve looked at mainly things that are pretty easy to identify – but today I want to look at something that creeps into the attitude of many bloggers over time ...more
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30th of September 2021 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

How to Avoid Comment Spam Taking Over Your Blog

One of the saddest things that I see on blogs is where a blogger completely gives up on staying on top of comment spam. You dig into their archives searching for information and expertise on their topic only to find their comments section completely riddled with comments that range from ...more
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16th of September 2021 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

How to Avoid The Danger of Becoming a Self-Centered Blogger

Updated post first published Jun 19, 2008  Letting Your Blog Go #3 Another way that some bloggers let their blogs go is to let their blog become more about them and their own needs and less about the needs of their readers. A blog will only ever be successful if ...more
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What every blogger needs to know about email
30th of April 2021 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

What Every Blogger Needs to Know about Email

This post is based on episode 251 of the ProBlogger podcast. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: email is one of the best ways (if not the best way) to connect with your blog’s readers. You might think email is outdated, and that communicating on social media will give ...more
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7 ways to build a community around your blog
3rd of September 2020 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

7 Ways to Build a Community Around Your Blog

This post is based on episode 61 of the ProBlogger podcast. Last week I talked about building a community around your blog, and how it can benefit you as much as it can your readers. Well, this week I’m going to give you seven practical tips and strategies on how you can ...more
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